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Welcome to The Main Street MUSEUM

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Photo by Museum Friend Jon Gilbert Fox

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They said WHAT?

"[The Main Street Museum] was truly the perfect setting. It’s really proving to be THE place for us!" Paige H., Frequent renter of the venue


"[The Main Street Museum] forces one to contemplate the nature of museums and curating. Why do we save what we save? How do we decide what to discard. what to display, what to hide away and what to destroy." 

Joe Citro, World Famous Author

"Attention, Metropolitan Museum of Art is doing it wrong." 

"I think [The Main Street MUSEUM] plays a really important role in our cultural ecosystem...” 

Margaret Lawrence, director at Dartmouth College’s Hopkins Center for the Arts, 2013


​“It is only due to organizations such as yours that the important works of our Country are brought to the attention of the public.” 

Marie Reilly, Museum of Bad Art, Dedham, MA, 1998

“The Main Street Museum—White River Junction’s answer to the Library of Congress.” 

Senator Peter Welch, 2005


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Why  is White River Junction  Thriving? Check out this VP Brave Little State Episode! 

Thanks to Angela Evancie & MSM family members, Chico & Matty for their contributions.

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