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Your Paint-by-Number Art Exhibit

That's right, we want you to paint this cow...


A couple... We must see the "cow". Don't like the acrylic paints provided? Use your own medium! (i.e., with permission, shave your cat (gently) and paint with fur or use left over house paint or maybe just rearrange a few colors. Feel free to add on to the painting if you wish!) Use whatever color/product/collage you want...We don't care! We want you to use your imagination! BUT PLEASE DO NOT USE... 1) Meats. They stink up the place after a few days and the bugs... ugh, the bugs and 2) Glitter. We Hate Glitter. It's bad for the earth.

IS THERE A SUBMISSION FEE? Nope. We figure you have already invested your money and time. We could make this a fundraiser, but heck, we are all volunteers really bad at business. But should you wish to make a donation, our Venmo is themainstreetmuseum and PayPal is

The MSM gets NO kickback from the PBN company or any vendor.

WHY THIS IMAGE? It's a decent size for us to manage (11'x11"). It's fun. You can buy this brand in many stores and online.  And well, we're in Vermont, so you know...cow.

IS THERE A PRIZE?  No again. You can, however, add to your CV that you have had your art on display in the prestigious Main Street MUSEUM in Vermont, USA. (We will even send you a letter of 'acceptance' into the show, if you want!)
WHEN IS THE EXHIBIT OPENING? Our goal is May 5th. But this depends a lot on participation. We will update when we know for sure.

DO I NEED TO FRAME MY ART? No. But if you do, please do not use glass.

CAN I GET MY PAINTING BACK?  Sure, at some point, if you pay the postage and a hefty chocolate ransom. And I mean hefty. 
WHAT IS THE MSM afterall?? We are a small nonprofit, 100% volunteer owned & operated museum of the eclectic; preserver of story & venue of the shy, located along the glistening shores of the White River in central Vermont, USA. 

Finer print. Sorry we can't provide free PbN's. But we want this to be fun for all! So if you really want to participate and can't afford the kit, please use your imagination to send us a similar 'cow' painting. By no means are we saying break any copyright laws; we just want everyone to have fun! (completed size must be 11x11.)

Have fun!

1) Purchase this paint-by-number anywhere you find:

"PaintWorks | Dimensions Product Number: 73-91731- Cow"

2) Paint it. (See FAQ's below)

3) Submit it to MSM - 58 Bridge St. White River Junction, VT 05001 USA) by April 15, 2023. Please be sure to include your FULL NAME (as you want it to appear on the announcement), TOWN/CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, & Your email so we can communicate with you (oh, & your favorite fruit...yes. Fruit).

4) We will notify you of YOUR Art Opening Date! (Yes, we will video tape it so you don't have to fly in). All submissions will be hung in (or on or around) The Main Street MUSEUM.

cow box.jpg

HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT? Well as most things at the MSM it was a fever dream. While confined to bed with a familiar illness, one of the volunteers saw this image posted on Facebook in the group "Maximalist Design and Decor" by Megan Lane Patrick from Ohio.
























The volunteer reached out to the original poster and asked if they would be willing to loan the exhibit to the MSM. 

This question was met with a quick "No Way! it's too hard to hang!" (yes, we laughed as we totally understand!) So...let's make our OWN wall! One thing led to the next, and here we are! We have people participating from ALL OVER THE WORLD! from Denmark to New Zealand! Painting parties are popping up! We are hoping to get the exhibit up by May 2023. 

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