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June 2nd-Aug 15th Noon

1. Choose the COW you want
2. Send an email to
3. Put BID in the subject line
4. In the body of the text put
      -The COW's number
      -The COW's Artist
      -Your bid (In $5 increments)

COWs start at $30 USD. (With 1 exception)
Highest bid will be posted by 9am the following day.
(If TWO people bid the same amount in the same day, the first bid
der will win the day. The other will be notified they were out bid and can bid again.)
On August 16th the highest bidder will get an email explaining how to submit their payment.
Your domestic shipping is included in your bid. 

Good Luck!

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And THESE are the COWs Up for AUCTION! Many thanks to the Artists!

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