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Who's on Stage & When?

Ali T '23.jpeg

Alison Turner, better known as Ali T, is an indie-pop singer-songwriter based in Vermont. Influenced by pop/rock anthems of the early 2000s, the songstress performs original favorites and puts her own spin on popular tunes. Having started writing songs at the age of seven, and picking up the guitar when she was 11, Ali is an introspective songwriter and versatile performer.Https://

Ali T.

Date/Stage TBA


Three aliens from the planet Xebulox are here to turn you gay. Queer heartache-fueled hard rock is their weapon of choice. Kiel Alarcon bass, Jane Boxall drums, Corey Selover guitars/vox.


Date/Stage TBA

judgement day.jpg

Vermont based honky-tonk outsiders Western Terrestrials blend their love for the weird with the twang of classic country, creating a sound that’s honest and irreverent. It’s aliens and Nudie suits, cosmic conspiracies and country shuffles, rough edges and broken hearts. Most of all, it’s a firm sense that when you look at things from outer space, we’ve all got more in common than you think.


Date/Stage TBA


Kiah Morris is one of those people who speaks only in the language of truth. She’s an artist, author, poet, advocate, leader, mother, sister, a former Democratic member of the Vermont House of Representatives, and Commissioner for Vermont Commission for Women. She’s also a singer and a poet, Black beauty personified.

Kiah Morris

Date/Stage TBA

mcash profile.png

McAsh was established in 1999 while all four members were in high school. During the pandemic, they spent a lot of time venting their lockdown frustrations through catchy, kitschy ska punk. They followed the rabbit hole into a world of unicorns, chicken puns, MLMs and conspiracy theories.


Date/Stage TBA

Screenshot 2024-06-28 095250.png

Blair Mountain is a rotating cast of familiar faces from What Doth Life Music Collective and beyond; singing songs of labor, justice, and good trouble! 

Blair Mountain

Date/Stage TBA

DPW and the LL.png

Dylan Patrick Ward writes consoling songs for a cruel world. In 2022, he teamed up with multi-instrumentalists Johnny Gifford and Nate Goyette to form Dylan Patrick Ward the Loveable Losers, wrapping his sweet & sardonic songs in a mess of sonic delights.

Dylan Patrick Ward &
The Loveable Losers

Date/Stage TBA

pilgrims in the basement.png

Rock N' Roll from Windsor, VT. 14 Years Strong. They'll never end. The Pilgrims released their fourth album JOKING BUT SERIOUS in June 2024. Joking But Serious came from an incredibly dark place filled with laughter.

The Pilgrims

Date/Stage TBA

Demons at WDL Fest 4 - 2023_edited.jpg

Based in Windsor, VT, Derek and the Demons is a globally influenced rock trio that has been releasing albums and performing at select events for over a decade. Their music is available on streaming platforms and

Derek & The Demons

Date/Stage TBA

IMG_9106 (1).jpg

The Y Lie starts with two simple ingredients: the ukulele and an obsession with early electronic dance music mixed with an abiding love disco, surf rock, power pop, and traditional Hawaiian influence.  They are an energetic live show featuring hand drawn animated accompaniment.

The Y Lie

Date/Stage TBA

chodus 1.jpeg

Chodus is a three piece alt-punk band from Claremont, NH. Influenced by bands like Nirvana, Ween, Devo, and They Might Be Giants, they carry themselves with a satirical undertone but you'll probably end up crying a bit if you look too deep into the lyrics. If you like riff-rock and twink-punk you'll get a kick out of Chodus.


Date/Stage TBA


Three working class punks hailing from the Great North woods of Lisbon, NH. We're ready to bring loud, fast, and in your face punk to your ears. They are here for the party and they are guaranteed to drink all your beer, so look out!


Date/Stage TBA

Joly west.jpg

Onley Parker, Dylan Hayward, and Austin Hardy form this new power hardcore influenced trio from Vermont. The goal of their original, anti-establishment songs is to blow up the universe. Please wear a helmet and prepare for impact.

Joly West

Date/Stage TBA

Screenshot 2024-06-28 092631.png

5 brothers from Claremont, New Hampshire who perform Gothic-Mariachi-Punk. Yup. You read that correctly. (These guys have quickly become the darling of the WRJ scene with their fresh sound.


Date/Stage TBA


New Erotix is a synthy postpunk streetwave band with a smooch of 80's.

New Erotix

Date/Stage TBA

carton photo.jpg

The band Carton looks a lot like McAsh, just less pink.


Date/Stage TBA


Time Life Magazines are the Official Real Life Time Machines cover band. They love to rate gummy snacks, so if you send them some, they’ll tell you what they think about them. The author of this webpage refused to surrender her gummy snacks…so that’s all I got.

Time Life Magazines

Date/Stage TBA

faux in love logo.jpg

Faux in Love began their musical collaboration in 2014 featuring veterans from Vermont Rock & Roll Stalwarts, the Breaks Maids, Carton &  Moxley Union. Faux's live performances conjure a blistering blend of rockabilly, garage punk, and old-time music.

Faux in Love

Date/Stage TBA

Magic User.jpg

Synth driven punk music from a magical faerie forest in Vermont

Magic User

Date/Stage TBA

Screenshot 2024-06-28 093752.png

A doomy punk band from the swamps of Keene, New Hampshire.

Coffin Flop

Date/Stage TBA

Workshop Information Coming Soon!

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