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One Case Curation

One Case Curation is a new program at the Main Street Museum. For 3 months at a time, we are inviting a person 16 years or younger to use a display case at the MSM to tell us a story...their story. Either through art or collections or hobbies. We will walk the person through 'curation'. From setting up the exhibit to having an opening/closing. The hope is that the community youth can share their story and passions with the general public and the public can get a sense of this next generation and our collective future.

We are always looking for the next person to exhibit. Send an email with ideas to with OCC in the subject line.  Next Exhibit should be ready to go up by the first Friday in April, 2023 

Finds on a Hartland Farm by Abe Dunne

Abraham Dunne, Our First Participant in One Case Curation. His exhibit will be on display from January-July of 2023. 
Top Left to Bottom Right
1) Art Nouveau Lamp 2) J.C. Childs Clock 3) Green Mountain C.A. Co. Jar
4) Hood Milk & Dairy Bottle 5) Hayner Distilling Company Whiskey Bottle
6) Penn-Rad Motor Oil Can 7) Early Paines Vegetable Compound 8) George W. Charon Machine Shop Tag  9) Red Seal Flashlight 10)Whiting & Davis Co. Mesh Purse 11)Silver Plated Sash Buckle 12) 1901 Worlds Fair Souvenir Tray 13) Fight Polio Fly Swatter 14) Ring of Iron Skeleton Keys 15) Alfred Meakin Semi-Porcelain Bowl 16) Open Work Silber Plated Brooch With Green Glass Center 17) Trellis T Pattern Bowl 18) Benzedrine Inhaler  19) 1920's National Cast Iron Cap Gun
20) A.J. Dodge Maple Sugar Thermometer  21) Iron Bell Toy  22) Conestoga Bell 23) Frozen Charlotte Doll  24) Decorative Copper Mirror Frame.

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