25th Anniversary

25thPlease consider making a $2 – $200 sliding scale donation to the Main Street Museum’s new fall fundraiser. See our new Razoo capital campaign here! 

The MUSEUM is growing wings.

As we begin our 25th year of operations, please join us in celebration during a very special year-long presentation of unique exhibitions, live music, fab films, categorical lectures, poignant contests and more!

There is a certain Magic in this place. Anyone who has experienced the Main Street Museum knows.  There are shows, exhibits and stories here that you will not find elsewhere. Musicians from New Orleans, artists from St. Petersburg, filmmakers from Haiti–all are waiting to show you something new, something extraordinary. As we enter our 25th year the Museum must, once again, prepare for its greatest challenge and its greatest transformation.If you are interested in knowing more about the Museum, we are interested in knowing more about you. We are seeking full and part-time administrators, organizers, coordinators and volunteers. If you think you have something to offer us, then you are already our most valuable asset. And, if you believe as I do that the Main Street Museum is an indispensable treasure to our local community, please consider becoming a member of the Museum’s Virtuous Circle during our upcoming crowdsource fundraiser this September!

May It Please You! 

25 Years The Main Street Museum
December 1992 – December 2017